November Wrap-Up


Almost forgot.  Ooops.  This year has only a month to go – scary.  It’s been a good year so far. :-)

Original stuff here.

  1. John, Acts, Romans, and both the Corinthians.
  2. More in Ephesians 6 in Sunday School.
  3. Preliminary application to InterServe was finished earlier this month, and tomorrow I hope to complete the full application.  At this point, it looks like I’ll be doing candidate orientation in February, which seems REALLY soon… Please continue to pray!
  4. Strangely didn’t do all that much reading this month – had other things to think about.
  5. Translating went well.  Now considering going somewhere nearby that will require almost constant interaction in Spanish… pray that I will have wisdom!
  6. Please, please, PLEASE be praying that I will find the time in the coming month to finish Perspectives!  It’s an excellent course (and, incidentally, a prerequisite for InterServe’s candidate orientation, which I didn’t know until I began to fill out the long application) and I only have a little left to do to get a certificate – but it will take concentrated effort!  Please pray for me in this!  Of course, if any of you have the chance to attend a course, I would HIGHLY recommend it…
  7. Global Missions Health Conference was AWESOME.  Or maybe beyond awesome – not sure.  Lots of new ideas, anyway…  And lots more to pray about!
  8. Lovely fellowship with friends this month. :-)  And family, too – one of the best Thanksgivings in a long time!
  9. Did a bit of music here and there.  Especially enjoy playing (far too rarely!) in Sunday School.
  10. Much as I love chocolate, this month I tried not to overdo it just to avoid the ups and downs in blood sugar… seeking sanity, I guess, by any means.  (Ha!)
  11. Running is feeling good…  Didn’t run today because of the rain, but found that I run faster when it’s cold out and I wear shorts.  We’ll see how long that lasts…
  12. Praying about what my midwifery work will look like in the coming year.  I’m beginning to think that the Lord may have other things in store, but I’m still listening.  No births this month, but I have been learning about different facets of care.

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