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Almost forgot.  Ooops.  This year has only a month to go – scary.  It’s been a good year so far. :-) Original stuff here. John, Acts, Romans, and both the Corinthians. More in Ephesians 6 in Sunday School. Preliminary application to InterServe was finished earlier this month, and tomorrow I hope to complete the full […]

Happy Thanksgiving! Or, perhaps more accurately, Happy Day-After-Thanksgiving. Why is it that so many people look forward more to today than they did to yesterday?  I’ve never understood why people wouldn’t want to just stay home after a big day like Thanksgiving (of course, the fact that I vehemently dislike shopping – unless it’s at […]

GMHC Pics!


So my friend Janine took some INCREDIBLE pictures at the conference. You can see the rest of her work here.  Check it out! Janine’s blog is also worth reading. :-)

The Global Missions Health Conference was incredible this year.  It always is.  But this time was different for me – I actually felt like I was part of a community.  Of the 22 in our group, I knew 16 before we went (like had met them more than once or had worked on a project […]



Two HUGE accomplishments today – courtesy of God’s incredible grace: 1.  I completed and sent my preliminary application to Interserve ( 2. I revamped my résumé and sent it to someone who’d asked for it (time frame = sometime in the next four to six months; clinic in the ‘hood). :-) THANK YOU FOR PRAYING!!!