Rainy Saturdays


I love rainy Saturdays, especially when I don’t have anything in particular to do (i.e. work or play for a wedding or something that means I have to leave the house).  This morning was sooo nice!  The past few days have been the kind I used to dream of – when you work night shift, you live for the dreary, rainy, cool (even cold!) days, because it’s so much easier to sleep on dreary days. :-)  Having worked Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday til 11:30pm, hunkering down and sleeping away half the morning was quite a luxury today.

While I didn’t get a whole lot done today (as evidenced by a to-do list that is just as long as it was yesterday), I don’t feel I wasted the day.  After waking up and reading my Bible, I finished Three Cups of Tea. I’d read about the book here and there since it was originally published three years ago.  I’d seen people reading it and heard from reliable sources that it was a worthwhile read.  But I’d never read it – not even the blurb on the back.  So last Sund3cupsofteaay, the brochure about our upcoming Global Outreach conference was an insert in the bulletin, and I was surprised to see that this book was recommended reading to prepare for the conference.  So, dutiful first-born overachiever that I am, I came home and asked around until a kind sibling found the book on her shelf (collecting dust) and handed it to me.  I opened it and couldn’t put it down.

The story was gripping – a trauma nurse working only enough to pay for his next climbing expedition, Greg Mortenson didn’t have “change the world” on his priority list – or even on his mind – as he made his way down from a failed attempt to summit K2 (the most difficult peak of the Karakoram Range, which borders China, India, and Pakistan).  In fact, he didn’t even have the trail on his mind.  He got lost and ended up wandering in to the village of Korphe, where he was welcomed and ended up recuperating from the grueling climb.  And there, folks, you have the first few chapters of this book, in a nutshell. :-)  The real adventure begins when Mortenson decides that somehow he’ll build a school for the children of Korphe.  So go find the book – borrow it from a friend or the library, but go read it!  Anyone interested in a) changing the world, b) foreign policy, c) humanitarian work/education, or d) central Asia should find it incredibly informative (if not downright interesting).  I did, anyway.

So I finished the book, wasted some time on FB and email and Google reader, and then went to the Y with three sisters.  BJ and I swam 3/4 of a mile (and I do NOT have water in my ears, which means the earplugs actually worked!), and it felt quite good to be in chlorine again.  I’ve missed running the past few days because of the deluge. :-/  Came home, ordered pizza, and while others were a) doing homework, b) watching Leave it to Beaver, or c) checking their own email (or, rumor has it, one was creating a blog – ah! Competition!), I cleaned up today’s dishes and made spaghetti sauce so we’ll have something to eat when we get home from church.

Speaking of church, it’s time for bed so that I can be on time tomorrow… :-)

One Response to “Rainy Saturdays”

  1. 1 Jeff Linton

    Great article about the book. Now I want to read it.

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