September Wrap-Up


Well, here it is – September 30.  The year is 75% over, there’s a nip in the air, and the Phillies are (again) the National League East Champions.  Which, I suppose, is a good thing. :-)  So, the month in review…  (Original stuff here.)

  1. Finished Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obediah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, and Haggai.  Nothing like speeding through the minor prophets…  I’ll be done the OT in a little less than a week. :-)
  2. :-(  No.
  3. Putting the “pro” in procrastinate.  My MTW application is yet on my computer, half-finished.  Right now I have very little motivation to finish it or my preliminary interest letter/CV for another agency.  Pray for me!
  4. Ah!  So at least with the procrastination I’ve been able to read some. Finished Revelations of a Single Woman: Loving the Life I Didn’t Expect. It was a good read and had some worthwhile points, but I wouldn’t put it in my top-100 best books ever.  Also climbed back into From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya, which I’d begun earlier this year but never completed.  Ironically enough, I had stopped reading the book in the spring just three pages shy of the chapter on single women in missions.  Hmmm.  Lord, are you trying to tell me something?  Sobering and challenging all at the same time…  So in addition to that, I’m continuing to read Stewart Dinnen’s How Are You Doing? The subtitle is 25 Checklists for Your Spiritual Life.  Talk about a good thing for an ISTJ!!  I do plan to write a post about the book/Mr. & Mrs. Dinnen and how they’ve personally influenced me/and other related stuff at some point soon (hopefully October).  Anyway, the checklists have intriguing titles – #7 is “21 Lessons on How to Avoid Becoming a Missionary.”  The book is, of course, written by an excellent missions recruiter. :-P  So I’ll let you know how I’m doing on that one next month…
  5. In the Sovereignty of God, this one isn’t happening this year.  He knows best.
  6. You’d think one of these days I’d actually finish Perspectives – well, it wasn’t a day in September.  I didn’t even finish a quiz.  Boo.
  7. MTW’s AMLT was in the spring, and it was wonderful.  I’m looking forward to hearing Dr. Ted Kuhn speak again when I go to the Global Missions Health Conference in November (and, as usual, I’m beyond excited to be able to go to the conference again this year!!  Check it out at
  8. Doing a bit here and there.  Had a lovely dinner tonight with a fellow nurse/midwifery student who I’ve known since 6th grade.  Weird (but neat!) how the Lord keeps crossing our paths.
  9. This month it was Bach and some CI songs at church.
  10. Not usually a problem. :-)
  11. It’s weird – I think I’m addicted to running.  Here’s a sampling of my thought processes: “Oh, wow, I’m exhausted.  I need to go for a run.”  “*stretch* *yawn* Hmmm, just woke up – need to go for a run.”  “I’m going to go crazy if I stay in this house another minute!  Better go for a run…”  “Phew, that was a long night at work.  Wonder why I’m still so antsy.  Boy, a run would feel good right about now…”  And so on.  Seriously, people.  It’s a disease, and I think I’ve caught it!
  12. Had a homebirth this morning (in the middle of the clinic day!), but that was the first for me this month.  Hopefully more next month!

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