August Wrap-Up


The end of August is, ahem, here.  Which is scary.  Because that means the end of the year is only four months away, and the end of summer is practically here.  :-(  Boo.  It has been a good summer, all things considered.  Fall was in the air today.  I’m not ready for it, so I hope we get a good Indian Summer in the next few weeks.  So here’s how things are shaking out, two-thirds through the year:

  1. Finished Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Lamentations, and a third of the way through Ezekiel.
  2. Nothing new since last month, though we have completed Psalm 20 in Sunday School.
  3. MTW application is actually (finally) in progress.  Also (new) investigating another mission agency.  Pray about that.
  4. Still working on Don’t Waste Your Life (Piper).  This month I did, however, read an inspiring Christian biography – Evidence Not Seenthe story of a young woman who spent almost all of World War II in Japanese prison camp because she happened to be an American missionary in the Pacific when the war started.  It reminded me that my goal in life, after all, is to bring God glory whether that’s through suffering, waiting, or actually doing something (personally I think doing is the easiest, but often it’s not what the Lord has for me).  So I’d highly recommend that book for anyone who wants a serious testimony of God’s sustaining grace.  Also read a great book by Debi Pearl, and I’m currently reading a book on being a single Christian woman – so far, so good. ;-)  I’ll let you know what I think when I’m done reading it.
  5. The reports I’ve heard from the Colombia team have been positive all around. :-)  I find it interesting how much has changed about my attitude/call to Colombia since the beginning of the year…  Perspectives had a LOT to do with that.
  6. So… Perspectives. Well, I have 3.5 quizzes to go (and obviously did not finish by the end of August as I had hoped).  And 3 papers and a final project.  So didn’t finish by the “deadline,” but still planning to finish – hopefully in September!
  7. With all the traveling my family has been doing over the past 8+ weeks and with an AMLT friend heading to India tomorrow, I’m feeling a little low about not having another international/ministry trip planned for this year – or, for that matter, for next year either.  That’s not to say I don’t see the ministry opportunities in my lap at the moment (i.e. especially my coworkers at the hospital and kids in Sunday School) – just that I’m feeling downcast because, hmmmm…. thinking while I write.  I guess it’s that the *big* stuff gets **big** attention, while the smaller serving/mundane existence type of stuff doesn’t usually make headlines.  But one of my pastors, Paul Tripp, says that we have to learn to glorify God in the mundane because that’s where we live day-to-day (and I suppose if my pastor said it it must be true, right?!) (Tongue in cheek, of course…)  All that to say that I’m struggling to be content and humbly serve right where God has me right now – and I’m not making much progress on either count.
  8. I think I’m staying in touch… Had time with a few friends this month, and another deal planned for tomorrow.  But remember, this is an introvert writing…
  9. Hooray for the Steinway at Tenth!!!  We played the prelude last night – I LOVE that piano!!!  And I love the fact that the seven of us kids sat around for an hour on Saturday to figure out what we were doing for special music – sans printed music.  :-)
  10. Doing well with this one. :-)
  11. I’ve been consistently running twice a week.  Not as much as I think I should be doing, but with work, family, and life in general (and waning motivation), I just haven’t pushed.
  12. Next month will mark the beginning of a much more focused learning experience.  We’ll see how it goes.  Need to actually crack the textbook, I think…

Phew, that got long.  Sorry.  Please continue to pray, especially for #3!


One Response to “August Wrap-Up”

  1. 1 Erin

    hey girl – whenever you are “feeling the need”, Honduras is always an option :-) We have beds in our house for people to stay in – and you are more than welcome to come down for a week or two and just work along side our ministry. So don’t feel like you can’t “fill” that need to do international work :-) The Pettengill Inn is always open :-)

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