Really Should Be Doing Something Else…


So I’m interrupting working on my MTW application to do this (yes, I FINALLY started the application – tonight!!).  I had all these wonderful ideas this month for what I’d blog about – books I’ve been reading, the wonderful sermon series on Hebrews 11 we’ve had at church this summer (courtesy of Paul Tripp), fun stuff I’ve been doing with the kids in Sunday School, and some more thoughtful stuff about Spiritual ancestors… and it just hasn’t happened.

On the bright side, though, a lot has been happening.  I was able to spend three days at the shore (I’ll prove it – I’m peeling) and even though I hadn’t been in a sailboat for eight years, I managed to get out on the bay and a) not run aground or into the marsh, b) not run into any docks or pilings, c) not capsize, and d) not freak my passengers out – the first day, anyhow. ;-)

My dad has a job so has been commuting to another city&state for the past three weeks, coming home on the weekends.  Weirdness.  Everyone else is finally back home, too, which is nice since I’m a homebody anyway.

I am hoping September will be a bit more productive blog-wise, but who knows?!  Official August wrap-up will be coming in a few days.  Stay tuned. :-)  Thanks for reading!

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