July Wrap-Up

It’s late and I’m tired.  Had a busy few days – two siblings left early Wednesday morning (like 0400 early) for three weeks on the other side of the globe, I had a full day in Lancaster, and then the day ended with Mom and me taking another sister to the ER just after midnight Wednesday night (she was discharged today and all seems to be well!).  And I can’t believe July is over…  Here are the original goals, and this month I’m adding to the list. :-)

  1. Through Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon, and working through Isaiah.
  2. Psalm 20 with the primary grades at church!
  3. Application to MTW needs serious attention…  Please pray that I will find the time for this one in the month ahead!
  4. I’ve been reading some midwifery books (since a few of my Wednesdays recently have included work on the “library” that’s maintained at the clinic).  And still working through some John Piper…
  5. Please be in prayer for the Colombia team – they leave in less than a week!  I’m not on the team this year, but I’ve helped with a number of pre-trip details. :-)
  6. Only 5 quizzes, 3.5 papers, and a final project to go!  This has to be finished by the end of August, so pray that I make time to wrap it up entirely within the next few weeks.
  7. Done.  See also #3.
  8. More blogging this month, and I did actually get a big email out!  Yay!
  9. Still enjoy Debussy whenever I have a few spare moments.  My sister and I managed to pull off a four-hands duet for a performance a week ago – we hadn’t played it in over six months!  Just a little scary. ;-)
  10. One of my sisters is collecting blue ribbons this week from our local country fair – her creations have included cookies, a blueberry pie, and an INCREDIBLE chocolate cake (with fresh raspberries as a garnish!!).  Yum!
  11. Addendum 1: Run several (i.e. 3-5) times per week.  I haven’t the past week because of my work schedule and family stuff, but I feel a whole lot better when I run first thing…
  12. Addendum 2: Pursue further training in midwifery.  (I thought I should put it in, since I’m doing it anyway…  This will probably take on more shape come September.)

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