June Wrap-up


June (AKA the “silent” month) has whizzed by…  Several times I thought about sitting down to write, but there were always more pressing things to be done at the moment.  June has been an exciting month – lots of changes (again!).  Summer has arrived!  Original stuff here.

  1. Finished Job, and I’m working my way simultaneously through Psalms and Proverbs.
  2. Psalm 20!!
  3. I’ve begun the application process with MTW.  Way scary, I think…
  4. Still working on Don’t Waste Your Life, but have also picked up How Are You Doing? (a marvelous little book by Stewart Dinnen – more on that in a future post).
  5. I’m part of the sending crew this year. :-)  Not only to Colombia, but also watching three of my sisters prepare for global outreach opportunities this summer (we will not all be back under the same roof again until August 22!!!).
  6. Perspectives7 quizzes, 4 papers, and a final project to go.
  7. Completed in April (but see #3, as well…).
  8. How do you spell F-a-c-e-b-o-o-k?
  9. Enjoying Debussy and CI songs, among other things.
  10. Jean had a great party to celebrate taking (and passing!) the NCLEX.  Dessert was build-your-own sundaes.  Mmmm. :-)

Since I experienced some pretty significant “new stuff” this month, I’ll be posting a bit over the next few weeks about how life is changing…  Stay tuned. :-)


2 Responses to “June Wrap-up”

  1. 1 Skip

    Glad to see you’re still posting on here!!



  2. 2 Erin

    Hey girl – sounds like things are chugging right along. I know the MTW application process can be a bit intimidating?! If you have ANY questions about the process in general – please feel free to let me know as we’ve “been there…done that”.

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