May Wrap-up


Lovely weather this evening… a hint of summer in the air, a light breeze, gardens planted, flowers blooming.  May has been an incredibly good month.  One of my sisters graduated from college, we had a chance to spend some time away from everything as a family (I think that was a first!), and I went back to work at the hospital.  (And in case it wasn’t clear earlier, I am thrilled to be back.)  So here’s how the original 10 are shaking out, 5 months into this:

  1. Finished I and II Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther, and started Job (I LOVE reading Job!!!).
  2. Technically, no, but if you were to ask me to recite I Corinthians 13, I could probably get about half of the chapter… a sister is completing her memory work for Tenth and I was able to listen to the whole chapter for her to practice.
  3. Pray as I strongly consider applying to MTW before the summer is over.
  4. Yes, Hallelujah!!!  What a month this has been for reading. :-)  Started out with some Jane Austen, but then got to reading some *real* books – The Story of Liberty (highly recommended), Do Hard Things (two thumbs up), and I’ve started Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper.  Also reading The Spiritual Lives of Great Composers and reread a bit of The Last Battle (more Narnia) here and there.  I love to read, and I’m quite glad to have so very many good books around!
  5. I will probably not be going to Colombia this year; please continue to pray that the team would be shaped by the Lord and would have positive, long-term impact (the team will be going for 12 days in August).
  6. The Perspectives course is over, but I am only beginning to work my way through the (massive) textbook and glean amazing new insights. :-)  I still have 8 quizzes, 5 papers, and 1 final project due before I can actually receive my certificate (nothing like a little procrastination, you know?!).  I’m learning SO MUCH!!
  7. AMLT is over, but I hope to keep learning from that experience (see also #3).
  8. Well, I did the unimaginable – the unthinkable (for my family, anyway!).  To mark the milestone birthday I had in April, on May 1 I joined Facebook.  Yup.  Weird, huh?
  9. Piano… Hmmmmm.  Well, for the past two-plus years, I’ve counted on playing the piano in Sunday School every week.  That is about to change.  On June 14, I will switch from working with the Five-Year-Old/Kindergarten class to being the “proctor” for the half-dozen classes that comprise first, second, and thrid grades at our church.  This will involve a lot more preparation each week and a lot less piano-playing – but I’m really excited to see what the Lord is going to do!  So piano is becoming less and less important (though I still play quite regularly with my family).
  10. Since I started running (if you know me, please gasp here), I haven’t eaten quite as much chocolate as before… but that’s not to say I’m giving it up. (Never!!) ;-)

In addition to the usual, over the coming month it would be awesome if you would pray for me as I consider what (if any) further medically-oriented training I should pursue (i.e. Nurse Practitioner, MPH, etc.).


2 Responses to “May Wrap-up”

  1. 1 Erin

    Hey girl – speaking of additional medical training – don’t forget about the MMI training I did in North Carolina. is the link.

  2. 2 Susanna

    Thanks Erin. :-) I may try to do the Oct-Nov one…

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