A Year’s Worth of Change


So here it is, May 2009, and I’m not at all where I expected to be in life.  That’s probably a good thing, but it sure hasn’t been comfortable getting here.  Nor, in fact, is it yet comfortable.  Since last May, a lot has changed.  In chronological order…

  1. New job at Alpha Pregnancy Services (September 2008).
  2. Started in choir at Tenth (September 2008).
  3. Withdrawal from Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing’s MSN Program (October 2008).
  4. Began “real” dialogue with Mission to the World (MTW) (November 2008).
  5. Challenged to look at the mission field outside of Colombia (December 2008). (I really didn’t like that one at the time…)
  6. Started Perspectives on the World Christian Movement (suggested during the same conversation that brought #5 out). (This class met the same evening as choir rehearsal, so I had to leave choir in order to attend.) (February 2009).
  7. Dad lost his job (March 2009).
  8. Attended Advanced Medical Leadership Training, which has resulted in much prayer about applying to MTW (April 2009).
  9. Finished at Alpha and started back at my new old job as an L&D nurse at Chester County (May 2009).
  10. There are at least three other changes pending – another part-time job offer, another opportunity at church, and an unexpected circumstance surrounding my possible trip to Colombia in August.  Prayer appreciated.

There’s a LOT of good here – but all of it (with the exception of the first two on the list) was unexpected.  So still working on adjusting…


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