New Perspectives


Here are just a few of the (very random) things I’ve learned over the past three months through Perspectives on the World Christian Movement.  My class finished on Monday night, but I still have 5 papers, 10 quizzes, and a big final project to complete before the end of August. :-)  So I’m sure I’ll learn more…

  1. Where was the safest place for the disciples to be after Christ ascended into Heaven?  Hint: Probably not where they were.  We tend to forget that the religious leaders of Jesus’ day wanted to stamp out the new “sect” and the safest thing the disciples could have done (humanly speaking) would have been to hightail it back to Galilee.  I’d never thought of that.
  2. Who, outside of his family, was affected by Job’s astonishingly rapid economic decline? Hint: In one day, he lost 7,000 sheep, 3,000 camels, 500 yoke of oxen, 500 female donkeys, numerous servants, and 10 children.  That’s an awful lot of stuff.  Those sheep probably provided clothing to a good many people, the camels probably provided transportation all over the known world, the oxen made plowing (and therefore sowing, reaping, and eating) possible, the donkeys were probably also a form of transportation (wool? food?), and there had to have been A LOT of servants to care for so many animals (not to mention all those who depended on Job’s commerce for sustenance).  Talk about a global depression (see Job 1:3 to get some idea of the extent of his power).  I always thought Job was just Job, not a global economy.
  3. What keeps most Christians from speaking to most Muslims?  Hint:  Often it’s nothing more than a piece of fabric.  A piece of fabric!!! How absurd is that?
  4. How do those outside Christianity/the church view “Christians”?  Since nobody in the class could actually speak to this, we speculated… Hint: What is supposed to distinguish the family of faith?  Love.  What actually distinguishes the family of faith?  Usually the stuff we’re “not supposed to do.”  We don’t drink, dance, swear, become close friends with someone outside our belief system, play cards, or allow women to wear pants (some of that, of course, is a bit tongue-in-cheek).   In other words, rules distinguish us, not grace.  Ouch.
  5. If approximately one-third of the world is considered Christian (in mega-block terms, this encompasses both Catholics and Protestants), another third has rejected the claims of Christianity, and the last third has never even had the chance to hear the claims of Christianity (let alone accept or reject such claims), where would my time best be spent?  Duh!
  6. What percentage of the world’s population lives in countries that either partially or fully restrict missionary visas?  Hint:  Over half.  We were told about 65%.  Wow.  How are you going to make tents?  (See Acts 18:2-3.)
  7. Back to Job for a moment (it’s one of my favorite books of the Bible – was before the class, but even more so now…).  If Job had heard Satan’s conversation with God in Job 1, how could that have possibly changed the book?  Think court of law, witnesses, and what establishes truth…

Thoughts?  Corrections?  Citations?  And I’m going to leave it at seven…


One Response to “New Perspectives”

  1. 1 Erin

    I hear ya! This was a great class. Ditto on Job – it’s one of my daughters favorite books also :-)

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