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May Wrap-up


Lovely weather this evening… a hint of summer in the air, a light breeze, gardens planted, flowers blooming.  May has been an incredibly good month.  One of my sisters graduated from college, we had a chance to spend some time away from everything as a family (I think that was a first!), and I went […]

Feast or Famine


Life has a way of always feeling feastorfamine.  I ran it all together for the sake of emphasis…  I’m back at the hospital, absolutely loving it (most of the time!).  Had a crazy day yesterday (there were no labor beds available by the time I left!) and then today I was going insane because there […]

Here’s the 2009 AMLT group! :-) I’m on the far right, sans socks and shoes. ;-)  You’ll find a bigger version in my Picasa Album, along with the requisite Swine Flu reaction photo, just for fun.

So here it is, May 2009, and I’m not at all where I expected to be in life.  That’s probably a good thing, but it sure hasn’t been comfortable getting here.  Nor, in fact, is it yet comfortable.  Since last May, a lot has changed.  In chronological order… New job at Alpha Pregnancy Services (September […]

Here are just a few of the (very random) things I’ve learned over the past three months through Perspectives on the World Christian Movement.  My class finished on Monday night, but I still have 5 papers, 10 quizzes, and a big final project to complete before the end of August. :-)  So I’m sure I’ll […]