10 Things to Do When Flights are Canceled


At least, here’s what I did today. :-)

Due to severe weather in Houston, my flight through Houston to Mexico has been postponed until tomorrow – REALLY early tomorrow morning.  It was like getting an extra day.  I LOVED the fabulous weather here at home, though.  And here’s what kept me busy (since I had already packed and hadn’t forgotten anything):

  1. Played nurse. :-)  Today this included applying sunscreen to my brother, working out a knot in the back of one of my sisters, and applying ice to my brother’s head after it came into rather forceful contact (unanticipated) with an upper door jamb.
  2. Caught up on Bible reading (I was a bit behind).
  3. Stayed in touch with prayer warriors and others involved with the trip (a fair number of us going to Mexico had flights that were significantly delayed or rescheduled altogether, so I’m not alone in this).
  4. Sat outside and took in some vitamin D. ;-)
  5. Taxied a sister to and from her chemistry lab.
  6. Wrote a blog post.  Hehe.
  7. Brushed the dogs after they had been given a bath by braver siblings.  So, yes, I smell like wet dog. :-)
  8. Checked the weather for Houston tomorrow, just to be sure.  Everything looks okay at the moment…
  9. Journaled.  (Did I just verb a noun?  Because the spelling is not acceptable to my computer.)
  10. Slept.  Which of course was by far my favorite.

Please pray that everything goes smoothly tomorrow, through the week, and for my return trip next Sunday (April 26)!  I’ll be updating (with pictures, naturally) sometime after April 28.


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