Going South


In just a little over 24 hours, I will be boarding a plane to head south of the border for a week.  A lot of other “stuff” has been going on in life, so I haven’t really had a chance to think about this trip a whole lot.   (Of course I’ve made the time to get my passport in order and read through important stuff like packing lists and pre-trip information packets… I just haven’t taken the time to emotionally anticipate the trip.)  By the way, this trip is #7 on my list of 10 Things I Hope to Do in 2009.  Yup, it’s here.

Anyway, here are a few things that are making this trip interesting – if not downright exciting:

  1. We’ll be staying in a “primitive campground.”  The picture of the place shows one-story cement-block buildings. :-)
  2. Although the altitude of the campground (6500 ft) is supposedly enough to practically eliminate the risk of malaria and dengue fever, our sleeping quarters will still be sprayed with permethrin as a precautionary measure.
  3. One item that was stressed on our packing list was nasal spray.  Combine altitude and incredibly low humidity and you’ve got a ripe situation for nosebleeds.  Bleck.  I have my nasal spray. ;-)
  4. There is no heat at the campground.  I am going to assume that means no hot showers, either.  But yay for cold showers and temperatures up to the low 80s during the day (and only into the 50s at night)…  It’ll be a nice break from the weather around here.
  5. Our group (30+) is comprised of medical professionals and MTW staff.  If I’m awake when I land on Saturday, I’ll be making lots of new friends. :-)
  6. We’re going to be in a Spanish-speaking country!!!
  7. I Corinthians 2:9-10.
  8. I’m going to be learning all sorts of relevant stuff for medical missions in the developing world – in other words, how medicine works when you do not have a first-world technology behind you.  And THAT is exciting to me.
  9. I’ll get to wear scrubs for our clinical days.  Who knew?!
  10. And, as usual, I enjoy new places – once I get over my initial trepidation, anyway.  Prayer ALWAYS appreciated. :-)

If you’d be willing to pray for me (and the rest of my team) for the duration of the trip – April 18-26 – please email me and let me know!  Blessings and brave journeys…


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