March Wrap-Up


Wow, is it really the end of March?  I was about to go to bed when I realized that today is indeed the last day of March and I had not yet posted a wrap-up for the month…  So here goes.  Oh, and by the way, our family would greatly appreciate general prayer.

Original goals, January wrap-up, and February wrap-up.

  1. Through Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, and began I Samuel.
  2. Unfortunately not this month.
  3. Ditto to last month.
  4. Nope.
  5. Up in the air because of family circumstances.
  6. About halfway through the course, I’m farther behind on homework than I’d care to say.
  7. Leaving in 18 days, which is just absurd.  Pray for me.
  8. The past two weeks have been incredible in seeing just how far our family’s network goes.  I just had never planned to test that…
  9. Mostly Beethoven this month. :-)
  10. Yup.  Big points to a friend who brought me dark chocolate all the way from Europe.   Mmmm.

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