February Wrap-Up


Amazing how the end of February comes so quickly on the heels of the end of January, isn’t it?  Anyway, here’s what’s happened this month (original goals here and January wrap-up here):

  1. This month I finished Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers, and started Deuteronomy.  Phew.
  2. Working on Ephesians 3:14-21.
  3. No further than before, which, incidentally, means I haven’t really started yet.
  4. Jerusalem to Irian Jaya is on hold right now as I work through Perspectives on the World Christian Movement: A Reader.  For fun, I’ve read Prince Caspian and The Horse and His Boy, two of the Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis (and I am of the breed that says they ought to be read in the order they were published).
  5. Ditto to last month.  Pray that a team will come together soon!  We especially would like to have a doctor along. :-)
  6. Perspectives began February 9, and so far my favorite class was the second one.  And I would definitely recommend the course for anyone who would like to ruin a perfectly good life. :-)
  7. Flights are purchased for my April trip to Mexico with MTW!
  8. Haven’t had a lot of mass communication this month, but trying to keep up with individuals…
  9. Nope.
  10. Lots and lots of brownies – cooked and otherwise. ;-)

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