10 Things I Wish I Knew


About my life right now, anyway.  So essentially it’s just a start.

I wish I knew…

  1. How much longer I’m going to be in the states.
  2. How much longer I’m going to be at my current job.
  3. If I’ll ever go back to graduate school, and if yes, for what?!
  4. If Colombia is where I’ll be going when I go.
  5. If I’m going to live at home for the rest of my time in the states.
  6. If I’m ever going to get married and have a family.
  7. If I’m going to have to (get to?) learn another language or two or three.
  8. If I’ll someday feel less confused about life than I do right now.
  9. How music will fit into my life in the future.
  10. What books will influence me the most and where I can find them to start reading…

So I’m praying about some of these and just wondering about the others (though I’m not sure I could say which was which).

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