10 Things That Made Last Weekend Incredible


Over this past weekend (January 16-18), Jean and I had the opportunity to go to a retreat sponsored by CMDA and MCO.  Here are 10 things that made the weekend awesome. :-)

  1. Staying up far too late for my own good – two nights in a row.
  2. Getting up early for prayer meeting both mornings (though most of the others involved in late-night craziness were conspicuously absent until breakfast was served an hour after prayer…).
  3. Spending time with medical professionals who are passionate about the Lord.
  4. A speaker who encouraged all of us to follow Christ as medical professionals.
  5. A FABULOUS small group (ladies, it was awesome to meet you!  Thank you for sharing your hearts!!).
  6. Quiet time that was really quiet and really time to just focus on the Lord.
  7. Just hanging out with med students is so refreshing… people who are comfortable (and yes, even thrive) in their nerdiness…
  8. S’mores on the banks of the frozen Chesapeake Bay (yeah, it was a little cold).
  9. Just getting away was such an opportunity to catch the vision again – to remember what the Lord has done in my life and that He will continue to be faithful in the days ahead. :-)
  10. Oh, wow, and the FOOD!!!!  Sandy Cove sure knows how to feed people.  Great food, great fellowship around the table (and lots of other times, of course!), and the beautiful surroundings added so much to the weekend.

I came back exhausted but invigorated, so very thankful I had a sister and friends who were persistent about encouraging me to come.  I had way more fun than I expected to have… ;-)  And I’m SO looking forward to next year!

One Response to “10 Things That Made Last Weekend Incredible”

  1. 1 Tía Catalina

    Tengo alegría que el fin de semana a Sandy Cove fue tan bueno y fue una bendición.

    ¿Qué hay de nuevo con tu trabajo?
    Con cariño,
    Tía C.

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