10 Hymns I Love


This is definitely a “Top Ten” list, because if I were to list all the hymns I love, the post would be so long nobody would read it. :-)  Each hymn is followed by the tune name I prefer.  Interestingly, only #1 and #9 would have made this list if I had written it four years ago.  Since we began attending Tenth, however, I’ve come to love hymns more for the complex interplay of strong theology and beautiful music than for familiar words or easy sight-singing.  And yes, you’ve got to sing all the verses. :-)

Be sure to check out Hymnary.org for text (and in some cases, the tune) for some of these hymns if you are unfamiliar with them.  Numbers four, five, and six are hymns born at or through Tenth, so if you don’t have them and are interested, you’ll find more information at Paul Jones Music, Inc. (two are from the Hymns for a Modern Reformation by Dr. Jones and the late Dr. James Boice, the third is written by Dr. Jones and Tenth’s current senior pastor, Dr. Philip Ryken).

  1. It is Well With My Soul {Ville du Harve}
  2. Whate’er My God Ordains is Right {Was Gott Tut}
  3. God Moves in a Mysterious Way {Dundee}
  4. Come to the Waters {Water of Life}
  5. ‘Round the Throne in Radiant Glory {Quadosh}
  6. Now I Make My Good Confession {Confiteor}
  7. In Heavenly Love Abiding {Nyland}
  8. O Word of God Incarnate {Munich}
  9. O, the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus {Ebenezer (or Ton-y-Botel)}
  10. My Hope is Built on Nothing Less {St. Petersburg}

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