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January Wrap-Up


Well, here it is – the end of January.  The month went so much faster than I was expecting!  So throughout 2009, I plan to review each month and see how I’m doing with those 10 things I hope to do this year.  January was a pretty good month (thank you, Lord!) with a few […]

Over this past weekend (January 16-18), Jean and I had the opportunity to go to a retreat sponsored by CMDA and MCO.  Here are 10 things that made the weekend awesome. :-) Staying up far too late for my own good – two nights in a row. Getting up early for prayer meeting both mornings […]

This would be the winter list… Read. Read. Read. Play the piano. Clean and organize. :-) Eat chocolate (okay, cook). Build a good fire in the fireplace. Watch a good movie with my family. Rearrange furniture, paint, tear up carpeting, alphabetize bookshelves, wash dishes, vacuum, do laundry, and otherwise make a nuisance of myself. :-) […]

I wanted to be in a place where ministry was the primary goal. I wanted to be able to participate fully in various aspects of Tenth’s Sunday morning. I wanted to be able to sing in Tenth’s choir, even if only for a short season. I really wanted to see what a Monday-through-Friday, 9-to-5 job […]

Jesús Me Ama No Hay Dios La Canción de la Banana Yo Tengo Un Amigo Yo Tengo Un Barco He Decidido Seguir a Cristo Padre Abraham Alelu, Aleluia Tú Nombre Exaltaré Dios de lo Imposible Some of these have obvious English equivalents.  We’ve had some fun in Sunday School learning a song in both languages […]